Supersize women are more adventurous between the sheets than super-skinny size zeros – and are twice as likely to have sex on a first date, a study reveals.


tumblr_mbfhz2h35R1rbqknso1_400According to new research, voluptuous women are more willing to experiment in the bedroom than those with smaller dress sizes.

They play-out more sexual fantasies, such as dressing up, and have more active sex lives than their slimmer counterparts, too.

It seems curvy women are also more impatient and will instigate sex more often – including on a first date -regardless of their age or sexual orientation.

According to the survey, 82 per cent of women with a UK dress size of 16, 18 and 20 described themselves as “adventurous” when it comes to “trying new things”, compared with just 26 per cent of women with a dress size of eight or lower.

Two-thirds of larger women either do, or would consider, dressing-up in the bedroom or acting-out role-play for a partner. Just 22 per cent of slimmer women say they would do the same.

Nearly half (48 per cent) say they regularly instigate sex with their partner, 65 per cent have sex at least twice-a-week, and 35 per cent admit they ask for, or allow, sex on a first date.

Conversely, only 45 per cent of smaller women instigate sex with their partner, while less than 60 per cent (57 per cent) have sex twice-a-week or more. Only 17 per cent say they have sex on a first date.

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Are you sleeping around?

When you first start dating someone, the first question amongst both men and women tend to be…”Is there someone else?”

Whether you’re looking for a relationship or casual fun, it’s really hard to describe what your situation is and where you stand. “Does she think I’m her boyfriend,” “Is he screwing another girl,” and “Am I allowed to date more people?” are all common questions in the first level of the game I like to call “Dating.”

So if you don’t want to lead your new fling on or if you are just simply confused as to what your status are, the only solution is to talk about it…but always wait until the third date.

You don’t want him or her to think you are already discussing your future together. That will only freak them out. Casually bring up what you are looking for for yourself without coming on too strong. Chances are they will likewise mention their motives. If not, you can ask. By bringing up this conversation on the third encounter, you will be able to tell if that person fits the requirements you are looking for at this point in your life. That way, all cards are out on the table and no one gets hurt. Poker face is overrated.

On a side note, men always seem to think that the women are immediately wanting a relationship with them. Not true! That is all. Ciao friends!

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Lose the Losers!

Do you ever feel like the only people you attract are losers? Yes, we all do.  There are


plenty of losers in the sea but that does not mean you need to let them into your life. There are several ways to detect losers so you can refrain from any freak activity coming your way.

First off, its best to have a mutual connection with someone before committing to anyone. So if you meet a new man at a bar, make sure you take a good glimpse of his friends. You’ll get to see him in a comfortable setting and determine whether or not he’s a potential. Second, if a guy takes too long to call you after a date is a loser. End of story. And thirdly, someone who dodges questions is by a far the ultimate loser. If he has something to hide, there is a reason behind it.

Well ladies, there are plenty more ways to figure out if he is a loser or not. But as long as you have some of the basics down, you should be fine. Just remember next time you go out, take your repellent!

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Skip Right to Dessert

Nothing feels sexier than undressing in front of a man and revealing your best assets covered in barely-there lacy little accessories. So for this Christmas season, pamper yourself and splurge on a gift that will reward you in more ways than one!

So what are the top 3 items on a man’s dream list? Well get ready for him to conjure a sweet appetite…for you that is!

1. A push-up bra, thong and garter belt is his number one outfit for you. If it was up to him, you would wear this all day, everyday! Don’t forget the heels!

2. Tank top and thong: This bedtime nighty screams, “I’m sweet and innocent. Come filth my mind!” You know exactly what he’ll do to you next…

3. A teddy sends a direct message- it looks so good that you need to tear it off!

Try any one of these before your night ritual or under your daily outfit for a boost of confidence that will take your mind (and his) off anything else.

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Challenge Yourself !

Life is one big game…or is it? Many women believe that if they play games with men, they  will leave them hanging and eventually get what they want. Sure it’s fun to be flirty and playful, but how long do you have to wait before something actually comes out of it?

According to psychologists, you should never play hard to get. One must initially express what they’re looking for in order to avoid any misconceptions later. If you want to see if the person is a good match for you, you must reveal your personality and express your needs.

The best dating advice you can get is to just stay true to yourself. You’ll avoid wasting time and it will be easier to find what you’re looking for. Simple as pie. And remember, the best player is a team player. So if you’re not in sync with one another, it’s best to find a new team.

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Sexy toy size 32C

Lady Calston, the sex toy manufacturer, has introduced a convenient sex toy to hang around for all women to  adore…the world’s first vibrating bra!

So for those women who get turned on by breast stimulation, this is the perfect fit for you! You can carry out your day with some kinky personal fun…and no one needs to know! Sounds like this should have been on the market for a long time.

Our next guess is that a vibrating tampon will be coming out. Hey, might as well enjoy femininity to the ultimate!

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Feeling Down?

Sexual attraction. Both of you feel it. It’s hot and heavy and oh so steamy until you’ve got no more patience but to run to the bedroom and rip his clothes off. And then…it’s a total flop.

What happened? Isn’t he aroused? Is it me?

Most women get frustrated and don’t know whether to leave the situation alone or help it. But if it so happpens that your man can’t get it up, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, don’t take it personal. Rarely does it have anything to do with the woman. There are several reasons why this happens. And it happens to the best of them.

A floppy sitution is one of the most humiliating things for a man so avoid any negative remarks. And to ease it up a bit, ask him if he wants you to do something about it or if he just wants to let it go. Trying to get the ball rolling is ideal so that both of you can forget what happened and actually get laid.  Foreplay and oral is the way to go in this scenario.

If he wants to leave it, try saying something comforting and even a little flirty like, “You better make it up to me ;) ” to show him you’re not turned off by him.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen again.

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Sex Please!

Sex is a source of power. So while it’s often associated that men are the dominating partners who initiate sex, the modern female is obliged to counter argue.

Nowadays, women are considered sexual beings who are free and open to new experiences and desire. So while it’s the common conception to think that men are the ones who initiate the sexual process, it does not mean that the women should not start up anything when in the mood. And if a man is ever offended when a women initiates sex, the only thing to do is to dump him.

Women can now heat things up, booty call and even ask “Do you want to come up?” Keep it neutral and eventually everyone will get what they want. Rules aside.

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Work It !

Does exercise improve one’s sex life?? According to several studies, men and women who are physically active on a regular basis are prone to have a higher sex drive. Does this sound true? Well, once you start…you can’t stop…(seems to be a good motto!)

A good tip to abide by is to only exercise for twenty minutes before getting a little bedroom action. Whether going for a jog, doing a few pushups or even pilates, try something that will stimulate you physically and mentally.

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Female Sex Mistakes?

Not all women are perfect. Here are some common ways in which they are wrong in the bedroom. We’ll leave it to you to make them or learn from then ;)

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